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  • Speeds starting at 100 Mbps
  • FREE internet modem
  • NO CONTRACTS and Spectrum's 30-day Money-Back Guarantee
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Spectrum Internet is 20X Faster than Standard DSL**

Get blazing download speeds with an Internet package from Spectrum. At 100 Mbps, you will be able to stream HD movies, play online games, and have multiple devices on the same Internet connection without experiencing lag. You can't get that with DSL.

FREE Modem + No Contracts = Your Choice Cable Provider

All Spectrum Internet plans include a FREE modem, a FREE Charter Security Suite, and don't require a contract. It's true. Spectrum Internet speeds are availabile in many areas, with speeds starting at 100 Mbps. Spectrum offers wireless Internet with more bandwidth than other providers - so you can have more devices on the Internet at the same time. Call today to upgrade your Internet service with no long-term commitment.

Equipment May Vary

Fastest In-home Wifi

Surf Faster with a Spectrum Internet Package

All of your friends and family are on the Internet uploading vacation pictures, graduation videos, and sharing experiences. If you're stuck with a slow Internet plan from another provider, you are missing out. Spectrum Internet also has fast wireless so you can use your tablets, laptops, and smartphones wherever you want. Get Spectrum Internet today and start getting the most out of your Internet experience.

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